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Black Magic URSA Camera Rig Kit  

The PYRO AV URSA Kit is a 19mm based camera rig system specifically developed for the Black Magic URSA Camera.

The URSA kit is crafted from Aviation grade aluminum (6061) components. Each part has been designed in a 3D computer environment to exacting standards then machine milled from solid aluminum blocks in a computer controlled CNC milling system.

The PYRO AV URSA Kit is equivalent to pro level systems costing hundreds of dollars more.

Part Number


$ 1,599 SRP


The URSA Camera Kit Includes:

- URSA custom Top Plate which mounts securely on top of the camera and includes threaded holes for easy accessory mounting.

- Quick Release Handle (PAV-1201) is equipped with Inch and 3/8” inch threaded accessory mounts and features 15mm rod clamp and quick release handle. The handle mount allows for installation of 15mm rods for connecting accessories such as EVF, Field Monitors, etc. Quick installation with Handle Mount that attached to the URSA Top plate with 2 inch screws.

- 2 each 8” aluminum rods which are inserted into 15mm handle mount to support and EVF

- EVF (1103) with adjustable angle/height to easily attach EVF’s or LCD field monitors

- Bridge Plate Adapter for the base of the URSA Camera for easy mounting to the 19mm base

- 19mm ARRI style 13” Base (PAV-1010) with 18 inch lightweight 19mm 304 Stainless Steel rods for mounting camera accessories such as follow focus, matte box, lens support, etc. is compatible with ARRI products and O’Connor head

We also offer an optional (not included in kit price) URSA Power Distribution Box (PAV1620-103) with special URSA Mounting plate. The Power Distribution box has up to 5 simultaneous outputs (5V, 8V, 12V, 14.8V and a 5VDC USB charging port). See Link Here: Power Supply (URSA) with Special URSA Mounting Plate - Part# PAV-1620-103


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